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SERISS seminar

On March 14th 2018, I presented OmegaT and translation memories to SERISS in Barcelona.

The abstract is available below.

SERISS abstract

OmegaT is a free and open-source computer aided translation (CAT) tool. For a number of years, OmegaT has proven itself to be the most popular open-source CAT tool used by professional translators.

The presentation will start by introducing some concepts on computer-aided translation, translation memories and free software.

It will then highlight the main features of OmegaT, illustrated by live demos of the application. It will continue by explaining how data can be exchanged with other CAT tools.

Next, the possible way translation memories can be organised will be presented. This will be followed by the introduction of team projects, a unique feature of OmegaT that allows sharing projects on the Internet.

Last, the subject of technical support will be broached.

Translators on air
Article on team projects now in open access

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