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Consulting and support

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Without experience in translation issues, it is difficult to choose the best strategies for internationalising your solutions.

My 20 years of experience managing multilingual software and websites are at your disposal. As both IT specialist and translator I am familiar with the technical and linguistic possibilities as well as the constraints.

I am therefore well placed to help you in the choice of tools and methodology, and to train your development teams in best practice.


It is not always possible to handle technical constraints at the source. It is nevertheless often possible to work within the existing system, be it a website created by a content management system or an application developed by a third party.

I can study the best solution for your requirements, and if necessary develop scripts or adapt an existing application to create and process the files to be translated.

Computer-aided translation

You want to use Computer-Aided Translation, but you are unsure of the benefits to expect, the solutions to choose or the procedures to implement?

I can provide advice and training on the concepts and help you identify the most appropriate information system, workflow and procedures for your environment.


In a professional context, the lack of dedicated support services can hamper the adoption of open-source software.

Didier Briel Consulting can provide both e-mail and telephone support, notably for the usage of OmegaT and its IT environment, as well as for the conversion of documents, translation memories or glossaries, or the alignment of existing translations.


Case study: Diptik

Diptik is a technical writing agency, specialised in the design and maintenance of technical documentation (installation, use, maintenance) for industrial machines and products.

Diptik favours open formats and uses notably kOLEKTi, a modular writing tool based on XHTML.

For multilingual manuals, Diptik relies on a network of translators and uses OmegaT as a computer-aided translation tool.

Didier Briel Consulting provides guidance to Diptik on the best way to use kOLEKTi in this context, on OmegaT's configuration and on the overall information system.

A set of tailor-made procedures has been introduced and a guide written for translators working on Diptik projects.

In addition, Didier Briel Consulting supports Diptik, and if necessary its translators, in the day to day use of OmegaT.

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