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bligner automatic alignment script

OmegaT and translation environments

Sometimes a solution may almost exactly meet your requirements, but the lack of a specific feature prevents you from using it.

With non-proprietary software it is possible to develop the missing feature, sometimes for a cost lower than that of a single licence of a proprietary application.

You then have a solution that you can roll out on an unlimited number of machines, without having to worry about licence management.

Didier Briel Consulting can study your needs, define the specifications and make the necessary developments.

In some cases, an incompatible file format is the only missing link in an information system.

It is possible to create or adapt programs or conversion scripts to link up your applications.

Didier Briel Consulting works mainly on OmegaT and translation environments (glossaries, translation memories, intermediate formats, etc.), but do not hesitate to contact me to describe your needs.

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